10/28/09: Will's Feedback (Getting To Know What You Want Here)

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Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

Hey everyone!

Since we didn't have Glee Club today because of the baseball football away game, so Rachel (risti couldn't get to Music post due to work today) decided to take the time to work on some other things and is out today.

However, don't worry! Will to the rescue. Heh.

So for those of you that actually could make it to the club today, I've got general questions for you guys! This is the time for you guys to give us feedback on how to run things here. Remember this community is for YOU guys, not for us and we awant to make this as awesome as possible.

Glee Club Feedback</center>

1. What are you guys looking for from each of the days of the week? Do you like it when say Quinn goes in depth of catching all the little details about each person? Would you like Emma to reccount all the events that happened so far with each couple? Or would you like it to go straight to the question?

2. When do you think you'd be most likely to check the posts? (If you could convert EST times that'd be perfection. If not, at least tell us your time zone.)

3. Though Kurt runs the viewing parties a day later, would you guys like viewing discussions here DURING the episodes as well? Speaking of which: TOMORROW IS A REWIND DISCUSSION! We're going to be discussing the Pilot tomorrow, Showmance will be the week after.

4. While we have new posts every week, we have a desire to keep posts active on certain topics so that no one feels that they missed the initial topic. How would you recommend we keep discussions going?

5. On Puck's Swinging Saturdays we're keeping the posts free-for-all, would you guys like anything else to be the theme there?

6. Though we have questions daily, they're meant to initiate discussions not to fully control them but they seem to be mostly controlling. Are you guys okay with this? How can we create more of a long running discourse versus just posting one's opinions?

Thanks guys!

10/26/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (Will Shuester Analysis)

made by nuclearpez

*sorry it ran late everyone!*

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

Okay, so like, I promised I give you guys all the dirt on everyone, sort of to get myself to get to know everyone a bit better. I like being on top of things, get it? So First on the pile today is Mr. Shu. To help you guys out I'm preparing a little print up on all the bits and pieces of Mr. Shu that we know up till now. Then it's for you guys to pick at it and fill in, you know, what's in between the line and all.

Also hey people. I'll be updating these lists and all for you guys later so you can also add more about Mr. Shu later.

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Quinn's Queries
(All questions are optional, you may write your own take on Mr. Shu's character, these are just helpers!)
  1. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Shu's parents. What do you about them helped shape who Mr. Shu is today?

  2. What do you think Will was like back in high school? How do you think his relationship with Terri played out?

  3. Mr. Shu mentions a lot to Finn that they are quite simmilar. Do you believe this to be the case? What parallels/differences can you draw?

  4. Will is always trying to balance his old dreams of reviving his high school years and supporting the kids, what sort of direction do you believe this will take in the future?

  5. Do you like or dislike Mr. Shu?

  6. Will is influenced a lot by the people around him. What do they bring out of him(Terri, Sue, Emma, Finn, Rachel, etc)?

  7. Emma has always been Will's confidant. How do you believe Will's relationship started with Emma? Where do you believe their relationship stands now?

  8. What comes first in Will's life?

  9. Future glance: Where do you see everyone in say, 10 years?