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10/26/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (Will Shuester Analysis)

made by nuclearpez

*sorry it ran late everyone!*

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

Okay, so like, I promised I give you guys all the dirt on everyone, sort of to get myself to get to know everyone a bit better. I like being on top of things, get it? So First on the pile today is Mr. Shu. To help you guys out I'm preparing a little print up on all the bits and pieces of Mr. Shu that we know up till now. Then it's for you guys to pick at it and fill in, you know, what's in between the line and all.

Also hey people. I'll be updating these lists and all for you guys later so you can also add more about Mr. Shu later.

  • Mr. Shu was in Glee Club at McKinley High, when it used to be big and bold. He was part of the team dancing to "That's the Way I Like it" which won them the Invitational in 1993.

  • A bit of the absent-minded professor huh? Hie drives a broken down blue car, that he doesn't seem to pay attention to the condition that much. He also seems to be unaware of Kurt being picked on.

  • Mr. Shu's Glee coach, Lillian Adler died 1997. Sandy Ryerson took over right after her until he was fired. Glee became 'uncool'

  • Teaches Spanish.

  • Mr. Shu generally associates with Ken, Sue and Emma at lunch. He goes to Ms. Pillsbury for advice.

  • Mr. Shu tends to have a chocolate chip cookie with lunch every day.

  • Took over Glee club, and is saving up $50 a month behind his wife's back to pay for Glee Club. Renamed it 'New Directions'

  • Rachel was the female lead and Artie the male lead when New Directions started out.

  • Cut another deal with Mr. Figgins that if he makes Glee Club reach regionals he gets to keep the auditorium. Runs detention for free in exchange.

  • Will tried marijuana in college briefly but it wasn't much of his thing. He and his wife(Terri) were actively trying for kids.

  • Ms. Pillsbury has a crush on Mr. Shu.

  • He seems almost unaware of social status in McKinley.

  • Enjoys teaching 'for the sake of discovering the potential in a kid that they didn't even know they had.'

  • Discovered Finn in the football lockeroom, blackmailed him to join Glee.

  • Ran over Terri's dog (purposefully) on prom night.

  • Sees a lot of himself in Finn

  • Terri generally doesn't allow Will in her 'crafts room'. She sets up puzzle night every Wednesday. Terri keeps her pottery barn collection hidden from Will (until he just found out).

  • Will, the golden boy, dated Terri, the cheerleader back in the day.

  • Ken is envious of Will and tries to undermine him any time Emma shows interest towards Will.

  • Buys tickets to go see New Direction's competition.

  • Doesn't eat nuts/peanut butter because Terri is allergic to it.

  • Will has been married to Terri for 5 years (since last March)

  • Terri was Will's first and only girlfriend. It was love at first sight for him, not necessarily for her.

  • Terri announces that she is pregnancy (Though she's a lair, seeing as she wants what's in my stomach and all...)

  • Mr. Shu almost leaves Glee to support the baby as an accountant.

  • Sings leaving on Leaving on a Jet Plane.

  • Showmance
  • Makes the Glee Club perform with Freak Out in front of the entire school.

  • Father always said 'You become a man when you buy your first house'. His father burnt their house down after a drunken fight with his mother.

  • Dislikes Kendra (Terri's sister) and her kids.

  • Terri and Will enjoy going out for Applebees

  • Mr. Shu raps.

  • Takes on a temporary nighttime janitorial job.

  • Tries to help Emma conquer her phobias, and uses this as a mechanism to flirt with her (attempts to plan nightly rendevous)

  • After Glee Club lies to Will, he starts to dissociate himself from the club. Gives the solo to Quinn to

  • Terri starts lying about the non-baby to Will at this point.

  • Acafellas
  • Will first tells, in front of Terri, the news of the baby to his parents.

  • His father spent 6 months in the hanaway hilton.

  • Will is terrified of the prospect of being a father, but at the same time elated.

  • Will's father traveled and worked a lot, having little time for Will. Considered himself to be strict.

  • Will's father hoped to go to law school but never even applied, and instead went into insurance. Will considers his father to be the smartest man he knows.

  • Is told off by Rachel that they'd prefer Dakota Stanley for choreography over himself. Will starts to move away from the club.

  • Will starts hanging out with the male faculty, forms a Acafella hip-hop group to get more male-bonding time. Names them Acafellas. Rejected Sandy from the group.

  • His growing confidence leads Will to believe his sexual prowess increased.

  • Will's mom is a big drinker.

  • Acafellas perform at PTA meeting.

  • Will gets Finn to join Acafellas when he tries to pull out of Glee again.

  • Will's alcoholic mom flirts with Josh Groban. She has slipped and hit her head several times.

  • Will puts Acafellas to the side when he realizes his decision to go back to being a teacher. Will's father decides to return to law school

  • Preggers
  • Will gives a role to Tina that Rachel wanted to help boost her confidence. Rachel leaves Glee Club.

  • Will believes that he should focus on building everyone's confidence even if it means not playing to Rachel's force to the lead. 'We need everyone to think they're a star'

  • Will is told of Quinn's pregnancy. Will tells Terri of the situation.

  • Will helps teach the football team how to dance to loosen up and gain some of the football players for Glee.

  • Rhodes
  • Will realizes that high school students can be of any age in order to join Glee club, contacts April.

  • Will tells Emma of Quinn and Finn's pregnancy.

  • Will gets Emma to steal April's file.

  • Will was a fanboy of April's. His first crush, but she had no interest in him.

  • Will was a freshman when April was a senior.

  • Will takes on April as a problem case (not dissimilar from Glee kids)

  • Will cuts a deal with April to see if she'll stop drinking in order to not be a bad influence on the rest of Glee.

  • Will joined Glee because of April. Dreamed to sing with her.

  • April quits in order to convince Will that it is the time for the kdis to shine.

  • Vitamin D
  • Will sees the Glee Club giving up, attempts to motivate them. Teams them up against one another.

  • Asks Emma to be their celebrity judge. Terri comes to the school as a nurse.

  • Will feels Terri working at the school is claustrophobic.

  • Will worries about Emma getting married to Ken.

  • Will grows furious at Terri for giving kids Vitamin D. Mentions that Terri is oblivious to consequences.

  • Takedown
  • Will drove Finn and Quinn to the OBGYN for the 10-week ultrasound.

  • Feels he has little control over the situation with Terri.

  • Will and Sue begin to argue as they both are to handle Glee club together, the arguing intensifies.

  • Sue splits up the group to control giving credit to the minority students. Sue calls Will out for being a racist.

  • Sue fails the Cheerios, who are deserving, in Spanish by Terri's persuasion. He generally is generous on grades.

  • Will attempt to try and be more masculine for Terri's sake. Will makes an appointment with Dr. Wu.

  • Will and Sue start verbally attacking each other.

  • Will is tricked by the sonogram but is overwhelmed with tears.

  • Mash-Up
  • Requests Mash-ups from the Glee Club. Admits that his favorite song is 'Bust A Move'. Will can break dance.

  • Will helps out Emma with dancing and trying to mix Ken and Emma's songs.

  • Will teaches Sue how to swing dance.

  • Ken schedules football during the same time as Glee to make the football players choose.

  • Will doesn't like The Thong Song

  • Will acknowledges that he doesn't dissuade Emma's affections, though he still continues to flirt with her.

  • Will was willing to give up on Emma for Glee Club.

  • Will convinces Finn to return to Glee by once again mentioning that he and Will are simmilar.

  • Will gets his first slushie to the face.

  • Will acknowledges Emma's song doesn't work with Ken's song.

Quinn's Queries
(All questions are optional, you may write your own take on Mr. Shu's character, these are just helpers!)
  1. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Shu's parents. What do you about them helped shape who Mr. Shu is today?

  2. What do you think Will was like back in high school? How do you think his relationship with Terri played out?

  3. Mr. Shu mentions a lot to Finn that they are quite simmilar. Do you believe this to be the case? What parallels/differences can you draw?

  4. Will is always trying to balance his old dreams of reviving his high school years and supporting the kids, what sort of direction do you believe this will take in the future?

  5. Do you like or dislike Mr. Shu?

  6. Will is influenced a lot by the people around him. What do they bring out of him(Terri, Sue, Emma, Finn, Rachel, etc)?

  7. Emma has always been Will's confidant. How do you believe Will's relationship started with Emma? Where do you believe their relationship stands now?

  8. What comes first in Will's life?

  9. Future glance: Where do you see everyone in say, 10 years?
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